C4 Delivers Crystal Clear CB Communication

Finally, the perfect match CB Communication System (CB radio, microphone, antenna, and cables) is available from one expert source. With quick set-up and easy tuning, the C4 system immediately provides maximum efficiency and highest gain.

Precisely engineering each product to optimize signal transfer, C4's component system is best-in-class:

  • RoadKing® 5640 CB Radio
  • RoadKing RK-56 Noise Cancelling Microphone
  • Wilson® T-2000 Series CB Antenna
  • Wilson Coaxial Cable

And, by uniquely integrating these industry-leading product components to optimize 50 Ohm signal performance system wide, the C4 system provides maximum efficiency and highest gain. During laboratory signal testing, the C4 Radio, Antenna and coaxle cable resonate with exceptional impedance match and near perfect 50 Ohm resistive impedance at the center of the CB band, as evidenced by a near identically-matched Smith Chart.

The Original RoadKing®
RoadKing brings communication technology and convenience to the road with CB microphones, Bluetooth® headsets, and CB radios that make communications easier and sharper while continuing to set standards for the trucking industry for over 50 eyars.


Wilson® The Name in Over-the-Road Communications
Wilson offers a unique line of antennas and CB accessories that utilize innovation and cutting-edge technology to provide superior power and versatile communications.

Wilson Antennas

RoadPro Family of Brands


RoadKing and Wilson are members of the Best, Broadest CB Accessories Brands


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